2 Timothy 1:12-14

What we believe affects every area of our lives and shapes every decision we make, yet few of us will take the time to think about what we accept as true. For the most part all belief systems have a foundation. What do you base your convictions on, is it on your lifestyle, reasoning, and desires? We ought to adapt a life to our faith in Him and know that Jesus is the authority of His Word.

Our version should not be base on personal reasoning. We are not to pick and choose which parts of the Bible to believe, or add other philosophies or ideas to the Scripture. God’s word is the only true and reliable foundation for belief, because it contains the recorded thoughts of an eternal, all knowing God. All other concepts must be measured against it to determine their validity.

Knowing what the Bible says is essential for developing a sound system of beliefs founded on the truth and wisdom of God. For you see, a faith anchored in the Scriptures is our protection against deception.

Each time you face a problem or decision, search for the answer in the Scripture. Ask God to help you understand what He is saying. He loves communicating with you, and as you spend time with Him. He’ll open your mind to know His thoughts. And remember, all that we profess must be backed up with a life of integrity.